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Carpet Cleaning Oxford

Carpet Cleaning Oxford

Best Cleaners Oxford provides carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning for both:

  • residential sector
  • commercial sector (offices, schools…)

Our spot removal experts are fully insured, reliable and trained to use modern carpet cleaning equipment. We provide two of the most common carpet cleaning methods:

  • steam carpet cleaning
  • dry carpet cleaning

Cleaning the carpet flooring regularly is extremely important. When we send a technician, first a preliminary preparation, which includes vacuuming of the larger particles, is performed. With the help of a spray-extractor, the carpet flooring is pre-treated, paying attention to all dirty patches and stains. After some technological time, necessary for the activation of the detergent, the “deep hot-water extraction” is carried out (water under pressure is injected and then vacuumed), which removes all the dirt, grime and bacteria. This technology results in the deep cleaning of the carpet flooring with the removal of all kind of stains. Any stain that can actually be removed, will be removed with this method. Thanks to the qualitative equipment and detergents used by Best Cleaners Oxford, a maximum cleaning effect is achieved, without any possibility of damage done to your carpet floorings and surfaces. Our operators are qualified to offer the most qualitative service. Take a look at our price list and you can see all the services, provided by our company. Best Cleaners Oxford specializes in cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery and we use the equipment and professional detergents only from the leader in the market – Prochem.

We offer the best carpet cleaning procedures for commercial and residential carpet cleaning. Most stains on your carpet can be removed promptly by using the right type of chemical, but if cleaned on the first few days. We will clean your carpet using recommended procedures, deep down soil and filth extraction, and will leave your carpet clean and free of germs. Carpets, cleaned through this cleaning method, will not change appearance or colour but will look like new, with fresh smell. Our carpet cleaning team will take care of your carpet, using steam cleaning carpet machines with non-toxic and risk-free cleaning materials. We treat different carpets with appropriate for them cleaning agents. Our team provides clients with fantastic carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning service. We also provide carpet cleaning for offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, showrooms, leisure centres, cinemas, residential carpet cleaning, commercial and contract carpet cleaning. Recently we started a new rug cleaning service, for your comfort we can pick up your rugs from your home in a suitable time for you, clean them and bring them back.

If your carpets or rugs are made of a delicate, expensive material – silk, 100% cotton, sisal, seagrass etc., the right method for you is Dry Cleaning. It is extremely gentle to the fibres and at the same time effective, again removing all dirt and dust to provide you with a healthy home.

Set up a hassle-free one-off or convenient regular service for carpet cleaning in Oxford. Best Cleaners gives you one handy way to clean any and all types of fabric you might have on your floors, with multiple techniques specifically suitable for every kind of natural and synthetic carpet weaves.

With highly effective stain treatment possible before your service starts, you’ll know that even serious stains caused by oils, grease, wine, blood and a dozen other substances can be quickly and effectively removed.

What’s more, you’ll know that your fabric is in the safest possible hands. Each of our cleaners has been carefully vetted and DBS-checked. That’s as well as having received the latest training in the advanced carpet and rug cleaning methods we use.

Give us a call today and tell us about the carpet or upholstery cleaning you need. We’ll confirm that this is the ideal service for your home or business premises.

Why use Best Cleaners?

  • Full insurance cover for all fabric we work on
  • Highly trained carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning specialists
  • Multiple advanced methods ideal for every type of fabric
  • Advanced stain removal can address any kind of markings
  • Support provided 24/7 – call any time you need to make or alter a booking

How rug, upholstery and carpet cleaning Oxford works with us

Tell us which items or carpeted rooms in your home or business property you need us to clean. Best Cleaners regularly provides office carpet cleaning in addition to specialist attention for the smallest naturally woven carpets and rug cleaning, as well as upholstery cleaning for furniture of all kinds.

Your appointment can include attention for all of the items in your home – furniture, rugs and carpets – which need it.

The first phase of our cleaning process always involves the identification and pinpointing of stains so that they can be addressed before the main body of your service starts. For carpets and rugs, all items need to be moved clear of the space which is to be cleaned.

We offer both advanced hot water extraction and dry cleaning methods, tending to prefer the former for synthetic carpets and the latter for natural materials like jute or sisal.

Dry-cleaned materials will be instantly ready for use. Items which have been deep cleaned via hot water extraction – also known as steam cleaning – may take a little longer to dry. You can speed this process up by ensuring the areas we’ve cleaned are well ventilated.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should use Our Carpet Cleaning Oxford Service

  • Help desk 24/7 service calls
  • Best time saving techniques for work
  • Uniformed and trained staff
  • Quality technician certificate
  • Experienced and fully insured top technicians for sustainability
  • Convenient payment methods
  • No junk fees or hidden costs
  • Comcast prices for existing customers
  • Best services near you that deliver
  • Fantastic services

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