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Mattress Cleaning Oxford

Mattress Cleaning Oxford

Get hassle-free, highly effective mattress cleaning in Oxford that’s in and out of your home in fifteen minutes per mattress. And which is ideal for upholstery cleaning too!

Simply let us know how many mattresses you have and set the ideal time for your booking. We use a special device which cleans deeply and removes all kinds of dust mites and other pests and pollutants from all kinds of mattresses, armchairs, sofas and more.

It’s a quick and efficient process with no drying time required. So, as soon your Best Cleaners team is finished, you can get right back into bed! Or, go about your day, knowing that your bed is ready for use without you needing to wait for it to dry.

The speed and instant drying make this service ideal for hotel and bed and breakfast owners with multiple beds too.

Why use Best Cleaners?

  • Fast, instant-drying mattress cleaning available in every part of Oxford
  • Cleaners who are fully insured, DBS and reference-checked
  • Advanced cleaning tools give incredible results
  • Treatment can eliminate bed bugs, dust mites and allergens
  • Support services staffed by a helpful team – ready to take your call 24/7

How sofa and mattress cleaning Oxford works with us

You’ll see your mattress cleaning Oxford team use the same techniques whether you need them to address your mattress, multiple mattresses in your business property, sofas, armchairs or any other kind of upholstered furniture:

The first step will usually be stain removal treatment when you’ve said your mattresses or furniture will require it. This always begins with a careful assessment of any stained areas, ensuring they can be pre-treated before the main treatment begins.

The main treatment involves a deep dry cleaning of each item using a special piece of equipment. The dry cleaning method uses a kind of powder which actively binds with all dirt and grime, making it easy to vacuum away.

We also sometimes offer an alternative hot water extraction process for very dirty or stained items. Though this will require some drying time.

Like all Best Cleaners services, this can be booked on a regular, irregular or one-off basis as and when you require.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should use Our Mattress Cleaning Oxford Service

  • 24 7 service support
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Agile dedicated teams
  • Technicians trained and certified
  • Experienced and fully insured technicians for sustainability
  • Different types of payment methods
  • No hidden extras
  • Best service fixed costs
  • Locally-based
  • Best services and ratings

Contact us to book your service

Get a free quote or set up the sofa or mattress cleaning Oxford service you need quickly and easily on 011 8436 0055.

You can reach us 24 hours a day, any day, to ask questions and finalise your appointment.


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